HTC AMA Reddit: New flagships to get major Android updates, Windows Phone Blue coming to 8X

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HTC is now hosting an “Ask Me Anything” session on until 3pm PST, and it’s already revealed some doozies about what you can expect from the company this year.

HTC admitted it doesn’t do a great job at pushing out the latest Android updates to devices, but it has promised on Reddit that it will bring “all major Android updates” to forthcoming flagship devices. In fact, those HTC devices will receive updates for another two years after they’ve launched.

Going beyond Android, HTC touched upon Windows Phone. The company confirmed its Windows Phone 8X, which unveiled in 2012 and is available via Vodafone in the UK, will get the Windows Phone 8.1 Blue update. Specifically, HTC said it is “working with Microsoft on the Blue update on Windows Phone 8X and will continue to take new products into consideration”.

Windows Phone 8.1, also codenamed Windows Phone Blue, is an upcoming update to the Microsoft Windows Phone operating system. It is expected to unveil at Microsoft’s Build 2014 conference in April, and most current Windows Phone 8 devices will likely receive the update.

And that’s it for now. But keep checking back for more. Also, for those of you unaware, Reddit is a social news website. Many notable individuals have participated in the site’s AMA subreddit, including President Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and others. Pocket-lint will update this story as more news breaks from HTC’s AMA.


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