Hands-on: Barbour and Julia Dodsworth cases for iPad and iPhone review

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Proporta has introduced a new collection of Apple iPad and iPhone cases in collaboration with Barbour and Julia Dodsworth and we got our hands on some.

Julia Dodsworth is best known as a canal boat artist and the cases and parts of Barbour’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection are inspired by her narrowboat, the Calamity Jane, that features 18th Century Folk Art which is clearly apparent in the cases.

There are three patterns available comprising the May Fair, Mill Stream and Nature Walk, all of which bring the floral prints that Dodsworth is renowned for in various colour options.


The prints are perhaps an acquired taste and if you aren’t into floral, you aren’t likely to be parting with your money anytime soon, but if you are, these cases should definitely be on your consideration list.

We were big fans of the May Fair design as the bright, vibrant colours were especially nice for the Spring but the other two designs are also very fresh and look great. The addition of the brown leather is very signature of Barbour and gives the case a traditional touch mixed with the floral pattern, which offers a refreshing contrast.


In terms of design, all of the cases offer access to the camera so you won’t need to take the case off to be able to take snaps, and there the volume, power and charging ports are also accessible. The cases are also all secured with a magnetic clasp so when you shut the cases, not only will the display switch off but you won’t have to worry about them opening in your bag without you wanting them to.


The quality on both the iPad case and the iPhone case were brilliant and we were really impressed with them. There is a coloured plastic casing which you clip the device into and this makes it feel very secure inside the leather cover.

The iPhone case has one pocket inside the cover where you can store a couple of cards and the iPad case offers a few more, along with two leather blocks that allow you to use it as a stand in two positions.


We did notice that the brown leather casing has picked up a few dents from where we have been carrying it around but it still looks good overall and the leather is thick and offers a good quality feel.

The cases are beautiful and they offer a strong solid surrounding for your device. They do make the devices slightly bulkier than we would perhaps like if we were travelling with them a lot, but the protection they provide is good and we love the designs.


All three of the Barbour and Julia Dodsworth designs are available for the iPhone 5/5s, iPad Air, iPad mini 2 and the iPad 2/3/4 from the Proporta website.

The iPhone 5/5S case will set you back £39.95, the iPad Air case will cost you £69.95, the iPad mini 2 option is priced at £49.95 and the iPad 2/3/4 version comes in at £69.95, so they aren’t cheap but if you are looking for a stylish case for your device, these are a good place to start.


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