HTC W8 to be Windows Phone 8.1 “Flagship” on Verizon?

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Serial tipster @evleaks, which has the reputation of being a reliable source of pre-launch information in the tech world, hints that the HTC W8 will become Verizon’s flagship Windows Phone 8.1.

HTC proves itself as a good manufacturer of Android devices and producing a Windows Phone for Verizon is a great idea. In 2012, the Windows Phone flagship in Verizon was the HTC Windows Phone 8X.

There is no guarantee though that it will be like the HTC One M8, and if it will be, it is definitely not bad at all.

For now, there are no specs given but HTCSource assumes it will pack a Snapdragon processor, a decent camera and an HD display. The phone will be a contender if it comes with a unibody aluminum design and have a similar design to the HTC 8X.

WMPoweruser said the bad news though is HTC W8 will only be exclusive to Verizon Wireless subscribers and will not be available worldwide.

The former flagship HTC Windows Phone 8x has a stunning build inspired by Windows Phone tile-oriented design. It is protected by Gorilla Glass with a display at 341 ppi, much better than iPhone 5s and Lumia 920 which come with 326 ppi and 332 ppi respectively. A Snapdragon S4 chip powers the device, and it comes with a 1 GB RAM, LTE NFC, 1800 mAh battery, Beats Audio and is 10.22 mm thick. The camera is 8MP with a patented ImageChip and the 2.1MP front-facing camera is capable of recording full 1080p HD with f/2.0 aperture.


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