Android 4.4.3 update problems: full of bugs

After the variety of bugs afflicting the Nexus family, especially the flagship Nexus 5, whilst runningAndroid 4.4.2, many of us were anxiously awaiting the ”bug-fix update” Android 4.4.3. Now that the update is out and has had enough time to settle in, we’re discovering that the bug-fix update may have actually brought more bugs than fixes.

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The bugs are affecting all of the Nexus devices, with the Nexus 4 seeing a return of the supposedly resolved random reboot bug along with some Wi-Fi issues and auto-brightness problems. TheNexus 7 and Nexus 10 are suffering from battery drain issues and problems with notifications. But as usual, the Nexus 5 gets the biggest slice of the bug cake, with reports of patchy Wi-Fi connectivity and major lag in the dialer. As many Nexus 5 owners will attest, lag is not a word usually found in the same sentence (unless it is joined by the word ”never”), so if the Nexus 5 is lagging, it’s a problem. There’s also issues with the Google Play Store, email exchange services and GPS.

AndroidPIT Nexus Family
It doesn’t matter which Nexus you own, they’re all having issues with Android 4.4.3. / © AndroidPIT

Bugs following a firmware update are nothing new, with almost every update bringing its fair share of new problems along with fixes to the previous ones. However, Nexus devices usually have it a little easier due to the fact that they run stock Android coming directly from the Android team with no carrier or manufacturer tinkering on top of it. And when a bug-fix update is released with no new features to mess things up, one would be forgiven for expecting it to fix more than it breaks. A patch should be appearing very soon, hopefully quickly – and effective – enough to smooth things over in time for Google I/O next week, but considering that event is so close, we may just have to live with the new bugs.

As always, follow the usual update procedure to avoid as many bugs as possible (backup, update, factory reset, restore). Check out of previous article on common fixes for Nexus 5 problems. If you want to let loose a few complaints, check out my rant about rubbish updates that don’t work.

What bugs are you experiencing with Android 4.4.3? What do you think Google’s response should be?


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