iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak update: Photo of iPhone with Cydia tweeted

picture of a seemingly successful iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak posted on Twitter gave Apple fanatics a flicker of hope recently.

A certain Steffan Esser (Twitter handle @i0n1c) tweeted the image showing a jailbroken iPhone running both iPhone 7.1.1 and Cydia.

He further explained that the jailbreak he used “is not based on a long vulnerability chain. It uses a single beautiful kernel bug that goes from mobile to kernel.”

A well-known hacker, i0n1c also posted a video in his Youtube channel of what appears to be a fully functional and untethered jailbreak working on a yellow iPhone 5C.

While there is no definite date of release from Team Evad3rs, a popular jailbreakers hub, Cydia was bumped up and called on the jailbreaking community to experience fresh updates as seen in their Facebook status last June 12th.

Apple’s iOS 7.1.1 is proving to be the most difficult to jailbreak publicly so far, and is expected to get even more challenging when Apple launched iOS 8 in WWDC event held last June.

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The dawn of iOS 8 will make jailbreaking efforts for iOS 7.1.1 divided, since a lot of attention will likely shift to the new operating system.

This is why it is also possible that we would no longer see a jailbreak for iOS 7.1.1 in the distant future, and that anyone who wanted to keep their device jailbroken would have to settle with iOS 6 for now.

Apple knows that there are great hackers out there that will take advantage of the slightest vulnerabilities iOS has or will have.

They have stiffened the system and in a quite surprising move in 2011, the tech giant hired famous iPhone hacker Nicholas Allegra, the father of the JailBreakMe website.

While there has been a significant decrease in new jailbreaks emerging today, the process of removing all limitations on iOS via hardware and software exploits still has a massive following.


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