City Dodge Review – a fast paced, crushing good Windows Phone game

City Dodge

City Dodge is a rather unique Windows Phone game where you race back and forth on the screen, hoping to avoid getting pancaked by a collapsing ceiling. The game increases in speed, difficulty and you play until your character gets crushed by the ceiling.

You have hints, magnet and other boosts to collect to enhance your chances of survival and side missions to help the game from getting stale. City Dodge is a fast-paced game that has a certain amount of appeal to it. I can see it being a good choice when you are looking for something different to pass the time with but I’m not sure City Dodge could hold up to longer gaming sessions.

Game Layout

The main menu for City Dodge tosses out options to play the game and access the game’s settings. Settings include two gaming control options, access to the help screen, sound/music controls, as well as links to send the developer feedback and rate the game in the Windows Phone Store.

City Dodge Menus

Gaming controls come in two varieties. You have the two-button layout that you use to move your character from side to side and a single button that you swipe at to move your character. I’m not a fan of the single button and found the dual buttons more responsive.


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