How to Boost Battery Life of iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5 and other iOS Devices

It is quite depressing that the Apple iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5 and other iOS 7.1-powered devices cannot keep up with the pace of the iOS 7.1 because of the battery-eating OS. Don’t fret. There are a couple of tips and tricks on how to boost battery life of iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5 and other iOS Devices.

There are many features that are not necessary all the time, as such, you can delete others and disable some to improve the battery life of your iOS device. Here are some tips:

1.    Turn off Diagnostics and Usage, Popular Near Me, Location-Based iAds, Setting Time Zone, Frequent Locations and Traffic to help your device to save battery. Just scroll down and go to Location and Service where you can choose to turn off these features.

2.    Disable Siri by going to Settings, choose General and then select Siri and turn off.

3.    Go to Notification Centre from Settings where you can turn off options that are not needed because every option uses cellular data that drain the battery.

4.    Disable Background Applications by going to the Settings, select General, then Background App Refresh and choose disable.

5.    Turn off the WiFi and Bluetooth when not in use. Simply go to the Settings then choose WiFi wireless connection to turn off WiFi. For the Bluetooth, choose Bluetooth Connectivity then turn off.

6.    Whenever possible use 2G. To put your device on 2G, just go to Settings, then select Cellular and turn off Enable 3G/4G option.

7.    Disable Notifications or Push Mails. To disable the apps from the Notification Centre which sends push notifications by going to Settings, then to Mail, Contacts and Calendars then select Fetch New Data and turn it off.

8.    Disable iCloud features by going to the Settings then to iCloud.

9.    Turn off the lock or unlock sounds and the iOS keyboard by going to the Settings, then choose Sounds and turn off the Keyboard Clicks and Lock Sounds.

10.  Disable the Parallax effect by going to the Settings, then to General, then to Accessibility, then choose Reduce Motion and select Enable.

11.  Disable the device vibration by going to the Settings, then choose Sounds and then disable Ring or Vibrate option and Vibrate on Silent option.

12.  Disable the Advertising Tracking by going to the Settings, then select Privacy then choose Advertisingthen turn on Limit Ad Tracking.



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