Prosperous Armenia will back coup plan if needed, says member


Mikael Melumyan of the opposition-leaning Prosperous Armenia party (PAP) says their political force sees absolutely no taboo about a political demand for radical reforms.
Speaking to reporters at the National Assembly today, the lawmaker stressed the importance of maintaining a dialogue with other parties to clarify positions. “We know the situation, of course, but we have to nonetheless make clear how the things are going on. The party’s leader [Gagik Tsarukyan] meets with the heads of different [political] forces, representatives of the cultural world and intelligentsia to know the demands of the different classes. Once we make sure there is the public demand, we’ll have that worded to clarify the quality and tensity of the rally,” he said.
Elinar Vardanyan, another PAP lawmaker also attending the briefing, agreed that the party never declares any political question or agenda a taboo. “If special demands mature and become clearly worded, the PAP will guide its policies based on the people’s demands,” she added.


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