Nokia X vs Nokia Lumia 520 – the Android and Windows Phone cameras

Nokia X vs Nokia Lumia 520 – the Android and Windows Phone cameras


Nokia, which is now mainly known for its windows mobiles, made a desperate attempt at making a place for itself in the world of Android, by bringing forth a forked version of Android with a Windows Phone like UI.

This range of phones called the Nokia X line up failed to make a name for itself and production has been called off for this range now.

The Nokia x, that was the first of this line up is an entry level phone with a 4 inch screen.

It has many Nokia services , but does not have the Google service as present on other android mobiles. Google Maps, Play Store and other such google products are missing from this device.

The Nokia Lumia 520 on the other hand was one of the best products from Nokia in the Windows Phone division. With low prices and an incredible color palette the device was able to wow thousands with its decent display, dual core processor and a 5MP camera. We are going to compare this camera with that on the Nokia X and see which one is better.

Nokia X
The Nokia X is endowed with a 3 MP camera, with no LED flash. It is disappointing in the truest sense. To further add to the disappointment, the camera sports a small 1/5-inch sensor and slim f/2.8 aperture. There is no front facing camera either.

Nokia x has not been very innovative with the user interface either. Only three shooting modes exist – panoramas, stills and video. Shortcuts for ISO tweaking and white balance are also available. On the positive side, the device can save images to memory real fast.

The images needless to say, are rather dull and do not have good color exposure. All images seem to have a purplish fringe around them. Details are ignored and the images are digitally noisy despite the presence of light. The absence of LED flash makes things worse.

Nokia Lumia 520
This device has a 5MP camera on the rear and no front facing camera. The right side of the handset has a two stage shutter key, that can also launch the camera app. The camera takes about 1 to 3 seconds to take a picture, depending upon the amount of light available around it.

The shooting modes available include back light setting and macro mode and Cinemagraph and panorama apps. It also allows adjustment of pictures for their aspect ratio, exposure, ISO and white balance.


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