Galaxy Note 4: Best Big-Screen Phone, Says Samsung; Analysts Believe Note 4 Unlikely To Beat iPhone 6 Plus


Samsung released a new promotional advertisement on YouTube recently showcasing the killer Galaxy Note 4 phablet’s features including the Quad HD display, improved and intelligent S Pen stylus, multitasking and better cameras, to name a few. At the end of the commercial, Samsung cheekily boasts the Galaxy Note 4 phablet is the best big-screen phone.

As with umpteen reviews, the Galaxy Note 4 has been praised for its humongous display complemented by Super AMOLED technology. Nevertheless, is Note 4 the epic large-screen phablet ever? The criteria for accrediting a smartphone as the best might vary for different sets of people. Some might find iOS-powered phones or even Windows Phone-based handsets better than the Android counterparts, opines Phone Arena. [Scroll down to watch the ad.]

For many buyers, display may not even be a criterion. Instead, how a handset performs with what is housed under the hood might be the make-or-break deal. Moreover, many would like to get stockAndroid experience and may not prefer Samsung’s TouchWiz UI interference. And there are some that would like to own a bigger screen than what Note 4 has to offer. Even though there is no clear-cut answer to the question of “which phone has the best display?,” Samsung seems to think Note 4 has it all.

Following this, Phone Arena conducted a poll to ascertain if the readers share the same feedback as Samsung. Roughly 80 percent of the voters agreed to Samsung’s claim that Note 4 is the best big-screen phone.

Moving on to the sales predictions, Samsung is banking on the Galaxy Note 4 to take the company back to growth trajectory. As readers might have heard, the company has been seeing a worrisome decline in profit over a period of time, pertaining to the global smartphone business unit, says NDTV.

With Note 4, Samsung has moved on to the premium-looking metal band instead of the typical plastic exterior, synonymous to Samsung products. Listening to customers’ feedback and analysing the consumer trend helped the company to improve the already favoured product. Nonetheless, it is too early to predict if Samsung’s declining trend would be given a life-line with the new Galaxy Note 4. Notably, the Note 4 hit the store shelves in the U.S. markets last week.

The silver lining, however, is that the reviews have been positive but analysts feel otherwise. According to reports, the redesigned Note 4 is unlikely to trump Apple iPhone 6 Plus. In the words of Lee Sei-chul, an analyst at Woori Investment and Securities, “It will not be easy. The Note 4 is a nice product but response to the iPhone 6 Plus has been good.”


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